Mulch Sale Profits Increase, Lead to More Funding for Sports


A group of students and a teacher load up a truck full of mulch. — Nick Cropper

A group of students and a teacher load up a truck full of mulch. -- Nick Cropper

On April 2, RHS’ Booster Club hosted its annual mulch sale – the school’s biggest fundraiser of the year – bringing in thousands of dollars to support nearly all extracurricular activities and programs.

The money raised at the mulch sale this year will be used to fund after school sports and activities. The money will also be used to fund organizations such as the school’s newspaper The Rampage, the drama club and programs such as RHS’s Every 15 minutes. Every year, RHS sells the same mulch including: double shredded mulch, silver dollar mulch, Virginia fine mulch and leaf grow organic fertilizer.

Last year, RHS sold $43,953 dollars worth of mulch and services with a total profit of $11,790 dollars that was used to fund RHS activities. This year, the mulch sale sold $52,946 dollars worth of mulch and services with a profit of $19,154 dollars. “By comparison, 2011 was a huge improvement over 2010,” said director of corporate finance Steven Kubasik.

During the mulch sale, all football players were required to travel to different houses and spread mulch. This allowed for more sales and helped raise an extra $3,500 dollars that will be used for the football team. Overall, 65 percent of the money raised will be used to fund the sports programs. This includes purchasing equipment for all sports team and paying off the stadium lights.

Despite the bad weather, many students, staff and volunteers came out and supported the mulch sale efforts. “We did have a good year in spite of the bad weather on Saturday,” said mulch sale chairperson Alan Apter. There was a big turnout at the mulch sale, with all the coaches present and about 300 students attending. There were a total of 60 teachers and volunteers that day to help out.

The mulch sale offers a variety of positions that are available to all participants. These positions include: lifting mulch into cars, delivering mulch, spreading mulch, riding in a chase car or simply helping out the parents in any way. “[The chase car] was a fun experience,” said sophomore Luke Oa�� Malley. Next year’s fundraiser will be held on April 14, 2012.