18 & Under: Ssong’s Hotdogs

To all those corn dogs lovers or those who want to try corndogs, we have a place for you. Ssong’s Hotdog, is a newer restaurant in Montgomery Mall. 

The chain first opened in South Korea in 2013 and now has locations in China, Japan, Vietnam, and the United States.  Ssong’s Hotdog made its eagerly-awaited debut at Westfield Montgomery Mall in Dec. 2020. Their newest location sits in the mall’s Dining Terrace food court. 

Ssong’s has an extensive menu, offering a variety of food options to ensure that all customers can find something they’ll enjoy. The creative menu is a draw for loyal customers to come back and try something new. They have several varieties of corn dogs with different tasty flavors. The dietary accommodations offered at Ssong’s Hotdog make the menu accessible for patrons with dietary restrictions and picky eaters. 

“We use a mixture of rice and wheat flour as well as other ingredients, even including probiotics,” said Ju Lim, the U.S. franchise owner of Ssong’s Hot Dog. “Inside there is different filling such as mozzarella cheese, cheese sausage, beef sausage, spicy sausage, spicy spring roll, so on and so forth.” 

SSong’s Hotdog is about an 18 minute drive from RHS. All corn dogs are served in 6 inches size and cost up to $4.89. The price varies depending on the menu selection; nothing is priced over $5. Ssong’s can be a convenient option for  RHS students, because the food is affordable. 

For picky eaters, SSong’s offers multiple combinations to pick from. I ordered two corn dogs, the spicy sausage corn dog and the moz spicy corn dog. The bill totaled $8. I ate the first one and it was satisfying. The price on the corn dog is a steal. They tasted incredible, and if I were ever to eat another corn dog, it would be Ssong’s hot dog. 

“I was never a fan of corn dogs, but working here and trying out new different ways to eat corn dogs is truly a change of taste,” Ssong’s Hotdog employee Leven K said. 

RHS student Andres Samayoa RHS has been going  to Ssong’s Hotdog almost every month. 

 “I have been going to Ssong’s Hotdog for so long and it never fails to impress me. It is like trying the place for the first time everytime I go,” senior Andres Samayoa said. 

Ssong’s Hotdog is great for first timers or if you want to try a corn dog place this is the place to go. The food has a bunch of different flavors and a variety of combinations. The atmosphere is fun and trendy which adds to the great experience while you’re tasting the food.