Covid-19 Spurs Changes in Professional Sports


Ahmad Haleem, Opinion Managing Editor

While the NHL and NBA continue their seasons in a quarantine bubble. The NFL has made the controversial decision to complete their season normally, with few restrictions in place. Fans are now able to sit back and watch their favorite sports again.

A “quarantine bubble” is the safe place for players and staff to stay. They can’t exit or else they are not allowed to participate. If players break the rules of the bubble they have quarantine for two weeks before rejoining their team.

College Football is beginning its season but with Division I football resuming in only a few conferences while Division II and Division III football have cancelled their seasons. Jeffrey Gomez (’19) who plays football at Frostburg State University is fine with Division II and Division III football not being played right now. 

“I hope to come back but only in the spring,” he said.

At the end of July, the NBA began its 2019-2020 season. Games are being held in Orlando Florida at the Disney Worlds resort. When they began, they had thirty teams in the resort. All teams have stayed within the bubble.  Out of the players, staff and coaches in the bubble, only one was diagnosed with COVID-19: the Orlando Magic’s Mo Bamba August 14. 

There has been an increased frequency of games due to a condensed time frame but this has caused some fans to have mixed feelings. 

“You can hear the players’ emotions more, it’s also bad because it’s not the same and you don’t get to experience that crowd. There’s a higher frequency of games due to the bubble so I have enjoyed it,” junior Nate Yetagsu said.

 The NHL has created similar bubbles in Edmonton and Toronto, Canada. Like the NBA’s bubble, it has been praised as a success due to its low number of cases. The strong enforcement of the rules has allowed for sports to return in a safe way that is exciting for sports fans. 

“I feel like the NBA and the NHL did it the best in handling the restart. Playing in the bubble and not letting any fans in was the best decision they could have made. The games have been awesome and exciting. Having five games on a day starting at 1pm and not ending until around 11pm, It’s been great. I enjoyed watching all sports, but I think the NHL and NBA did it right.” security guard William Morris said.

 The NFL has not formed a bubble and, depending on the team and state, there is either a small crowd in attendance or none at all. Although the NFL is not in a bubble, the league has had very few COVID-19 cases. Junior Sam Brami appreciates the NFL’s handling of COVID-19.

 “The NFL has handled it pretty well. Everyone’s wearing masks and COVID-19 checks are very frequent. The experience is similar to pre-COVID-19 except for the lack of fans. I love how games are back” Brami said.