SGA Leaders Elected for 2019-20 School Year

Leyla Akselioglu, Features Managing Editor

Despite their incredibly different positions–and backgrounds–four students will come together as next year’s Student Government Association (SGA) officers after the April 24 election.  Each spoke about their experiences and how they aim to improve student life.


President Gabriella Diaz

When the class president position opened at Earle B. Wood Middle School, Diaz’s sisters pushed her to run despite her initial hesitation. Heavily influenced by her family, Diaz said she believes that without them she would not have run for office.

Since her victory in middle school, Diaz was elected class president both her freshman and sophomore years. Heavily involved in the Rockville community, Diaz is a three-sport varsity athlete, National Honor Society member, Best Buddies member and the vice president of Rockville for Change.

Last year, she joined the finance department of the Montgomery County Regional Student Government Association (MCR), a student government which raises money through fundraisers and spreads awareness to different issues in the county.

“Every single assembly that I’ve gone to for MCR has stuck with me because I’ve met other ambitious people, who are also looking for change and who are serious about their positions and trying to advocate for their students,” Diaz said.


Vice President Emma Clark

SGA has always been a part of Clark’s life, as she was a member of her seventh grade SGA and was elected as treasurer in eighth grade. Clark was her freshman class treasurer, but stopped running her sophomore and junior years, instead switching over to MCR.

In MCR, Clark was a deputy for special needs; she wrote essays and created updates on the special needs community regarding what they have accomplished and what they hope to accomplish. As a member of Best Buddies, Clark feels strongly about integrating special needs programs into MCPS.

Clark sees her position as an opportunity to act as a link between different groups in the school. Her position allows her to focus on school-wide activities that all students may enjoy.

“[Being a part of the SGA] means representing the students, being open and willing to hear complaints and taking criticism and feedback, and then really just working for them,” Clark said.


Secretary Sean Davis

A dedicated swimmer in the National Training Group for Rockville-Montgomery Swim Club, or RMSC, Davis has already developed a strong sense of dedication and work ethic, as he becomes SGA secretary.

During his freshman year, Davis was elected as his ninth grade class treasurer, but after losing the election in 10th grade, he became a liaison for MCR– a communicator who facilitates a close working relationship between people or organizations.

A member of the RHS Model United Nations and French Club, Davis works to increase school spirit and involvement in school events and clubs.

“It’s important SGA includes everyone, from sports teams to DHOH because it’s one school and we need everyone’s ideas heard,” Davis said.


Treasurer Aidan Lankler

Over the course of the past two years, Lankler has participated in his class SGA by being treasurer for his class. Now, Lankler moves on to become the schoolwide SGA treasurer with plans already in hand.  

Hoping to bring more activities to engage RHS in more school spirit, Lankler looks to lower prices regarding things like prom tickets. A fundamental goal of the SGA is involvement and Lankler wants to make sure everyone has the ability to enjoy their high school experience.

“My favorite experiences in SGA is just kind of being involved with everything that the school is doing, and it’s fun to be involved with everyone in SGA and also all the students we’re trying to reach out to,” Lankler said.