Best Sandwiches, Delicatessens in Rockville Area


Photo by Gili Golan

Brooklyn’s Deli in Potomac is a traditional New York Style Deli with a seating area that features a Wall of Fame with famous folks and frequent customers.

Gili Golan and Nathan Pianalto

Students looking to find a decent deli sandwich can find one fairly close by, but those looking for the very best may have to travel around the county. While fancy food is found in top-rated restaurants, a quality deli sandwich can be found in a hole-in-the-wall spot or a nicer, sit-down location. The Rampage set out to find some of the best, original deli joints in the local area that give students that authentic New York feel right in their own backyard.


Twinbrook Deli

Of the three, the closest deli to RHS, located 1.1 miles away and without traffic about a five minute drive, is Twinbrook Deli. Found in the middle of a convenience store, there is not  much charisma to the place; however, there is some rich history.

“It was awesome. It was something that everyone around here grew up eating and it was a great place that we felt we knew about but other people didn’t really seem to notice it,” paraeducator Jessie Rutter (‘06) said.

The sandwich they are most famous for is their original Cold Cut with ham, genoa salami and an assortment of vegetables and toppings to choose from, topped with their special sauce. On a warm spring day, this deli sandwich definitely hits the spot. The combination of the meats, the tomatoes and the cool lettuce comes together to form the classic deli sandwich. However, their special sauce, as delicious as it is, sits at the bottom of the bread, making it soggy to the point of softness. At $10 for a large, it is priced reasonably for students on their way home from school.

Overall: 3.5/5


Attman’s Deli

With the longest commute of about 15 minutes by car, Attman’s Deli in Potomac’s Cabin John Village gives the sense of a real New York delicatessen. Known for their famous classic corned beef Reuben, they do not disappoint. A generous portion of meat put between two slices of toasted rye with their special Russian sauce and piled high with sauerkraut in the middle makes their $15.89 price tag an expensive, yet valuable meal.

Fluorescent signs light up the room and upon entering, there is a refrigerator full of  Brown’s cream sodas and housemade cakes and a seating arrangement that spans the impressive length of the restaurant. With a long bar that provides individual seating, the unique, clean and vibrant environment realistically mimics the classic New York deli and really makes it worth the longer drive.

Overall: 4/5


Winner: Brooklyn’s Deli

Located 10 minutes away from RHS off of Seven Locks Road in Potomac, Brooklyn’s Deli is the perfect New York-style delicatessen in the Rockville area. Dedicated to providing customers with a well-maintained atmosphere and courteous service, Brooklyn’s strives to build a connection with customers with friendly customer service and great food.

When ordering, customers can choose from a list of their specialty sandwiches such as the Reuben, or build their own Brooklyn sandwich that fit to their specific preferences. Their classic pastrami sandwich shoves a heap of meat in between a toasted, house-baked rye, along with a topping of sauerkraut, swiss cheese and Russian sauce. The sandwich did not disappoint with its melted cheese and stacked meat, which lived up to the restaurant’s own words in its menu: “If it doesn’t melt in your mouth, we need to know.”

Brooklyn’s offers an outdoor patio seating area, along with an indoor classic deli atmosphere. Inside, customers are greeted by a traditional deli style ordering area. Once food is ordered, customers take a seat in their comfortable, restaurant style area, where sandwiches are delivered right to the tables. While enjoying their meal, customers can take a look at the ‘Wall of Fame,’ where the deli features the faces of frequent customers. For $15.99, customers can get everything they want in a traditional deli sandwich, and with their environment committed to great service, friendliness and fun, a visit to Brooklyn’s is invaluable.

Overall: 4.5/5