Veirs Mill Receives New Traffic Plan

Maddi Kales, Staff Writer

The Montgomery County Council approved a plan intended to create safer transportation for road users April 23, reducing speed limits, among other changes, on Veirs Mill Road.

The Veirs Mill Corridor Plan (VMCP) aims to lower speeds to 25 mph in some areas, limit left turns at intersections and add an overpass on the Matthew Henson Trail.

The VMCP relates to the 2017 Vision Zero Action Plan which was designed to decrease traffic-related accidents and deaths.

This is our first plan to address Montgomery County’s Vision Zero policy with recommendations for improving safety along one of the busiest roads in the county,” Director of the Planning Department Gwen Wright said in an April 25 Sentinel article.

Known for its large intersections and heavy traffic, Veirs Mill Road is a busy, four mile street used by many RHS students, and the VMCP may affect their daily commutes.

“I was in [an accident] on Veirs Mill a few years ago,” sophomore Alicia Lawson said. “The sacrifice of driving slower is worth it to me.”