NBA Mock Draft 2019

Jack Horan, Staff Writer

The June 20 NBA draft  is quickly approaching, and it contains many potential stars that could change the NBA in the near future. The Rampage has created a mock draft of which draftees would fit best on the 14 lottery teams in the draft.


1-New Orleans Pelicans select Zion Williamson, Power Forward, Duke

Who else but Zion? Williamson is the most complete player basketball fans have seen since LeBron James, and has stirred up the most hype since James too. Williamson tore it up during his short college career, putting up a 40.8 PER and dominating the record for a single season. Williamson has all the tangibles to become a Hall of Famer in the NBA. The only thing he needs to do is stay healthy and have the drive to improve.

2-Memphis Grizzlies select R.J. Barrett, Shooting Guard, Duke

While many people believe the Grizzlies will draft point guard Ja Morant, R.J. Barrett fits better with this Grizzlies team. The Grizzlies have not had a pure scorer on their team since they traded Rudy Gay in 2012 and the tandem between Barrett and second-year player Jaron Jackson Jr. can become a high scoring duo in the future.


3- New York Knicks select Ja Morant, Point Guard, Murray State

Many Knicks fans have been looking for the guy who can turn their misfortunes around, Ja Morant has the potential to be that guy. He can shoot anywhere on the court, but what makes him stands out is his ability to be a court general as he led the nation in assists last year with 10.0 assists per game, and can help this very bad Knicks team reach their full potential when he is on the court.


4-Los Angeles Lakers select De’Andre Hunter, Shooting Guard, Virginia

Offensively this guy can do it all. He can score in the paint from the mid-range and even hit threes. He could be a great supporting piece to LeBron, and possibly make this young Lakers team have even more potential than it has now. If all goes right for Hunter, he can end his career as a multiple time all-star and even a champion.


5- Cleveland Cavaliers select Jarrett Culver, Shooting Guard, Texas Tech

This guy could be the real deal in the league, and he has a history of being the underdog after being on the Red Raiders last year, so his pairing with the Cavaliers is a match made in heaven. He could also create a nice young backcourt duo between himself and second-year point guard Collin Sexton.


6-Phoenix Suns select Darius Garland, Point Guard, Vanderbilt

This could be the piece that puts the Suns over the hump. Garland, Devin Booker and DeAndre Ayton have potential to be one of the deadliest trios in the NBA, but for this to happen, Garland has to develop to be a quality point guard. This team is in major need of a point guard and with the selection of Garland, it could be the beginning of a dynasty for the Phoenix Suns.


7- Chicago Bulls select Cameron Reddish, Small Forward, Duke

While his shooting was awful in college, Reddish still has the assets to become a capable scorer in the NBA. No doubt it will take time for him to adjust to the NBA, but once he gets settled into the league he can become a great second or third option for the Bulls behind shooting guard Zach Lavine.


8- Atlanta Hawks select Jaxson Hayes, Center, Texas

A center is just what the Hawks need to make this team full of potential at every position. While Dewayne Dedmon is a capable center, the addition of Hayes to this already young starting lineup can possibly push the Hawks to the next level and eventually start a new Hawks dynasty.


9- Washington Wizards select Coby White, Point Guard, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (UNC)

Coby White showed great promise in college and can very well lead this Wizards team to a playoff berth. The catch is that White would be benched when John Wall comes back from a torn achilles in February of 2020; the right move would be to trade Wall to allow White to develop as he is a promising prospect, but Wall’s contract is too big to move.


10- Atlanta Hawks select Rui Hachimura, Shooting Guard, Gonzaga

This pick isn’t based off need; it is purely based off the best availability in the draft. Hachimura is a great prospect who has potential to be a 20 point per game scorer. Being behind Kevin Huerter in the Hawks rotation could help Hachimura develop and even help him develop his three pointer as he is backing up some of the best young shooters in the league: Kevin Huerter and Trae Young.


11- Minnesota Timberwolves select Bol Bol,Power Forward, University of Oregon

For a team that struggles on defense immensely, Bol Bol could be the solution to all of those woes. His 7-foot-2 inch frame and his 7-foot-8-inch wingspan makes him an immediate threat to block any shot that goes up. The only concern is his history of injuries, as his college career ended prematurely at Oregon because of a stress fracture in his left foot. But if he stays healthy, he could become the best defensive player basketball fans have seen in years.


12- Charlotte Hornets select Sekou Doumbouya, Power Forward, France

The sky’s the limit for this 6-foot-9-inch freshman who, at a young age of 18, is still growing. He has great size, athleticism and an overall great court awareness. He could become another weapon for Kemba Walker to share the ball with, to take the load off of Walker. The only negative about his game is that his basketball IQ is lacking, but otherwise he’s a great prospect.


13- Miami Heat select Nassir Little, Small Forward, UNC

While Little didn’t play much in his freshman year at UNC, he showed that he can score efficiently, averaging just under 10 points a game in 18 minutes of play. He can fill the hole at small forward in Miami and maybe become their top scorer, as Miami doesn’t really have a scoring threat on their team as of now.


14- Boston Celtics select Nickeil Alexander-Walker, Shooting Guard, Virginia Tech.

This is a safety pick as Kyrie Irving is a free agent this offseason and it is not confirmed that he is staying with the Celtics. But Alexander-Walker can be a great replacement just about doing it all at Virginia Tech. If developed well, he can be a candidate for a triple-double every night.