Best ‘Hole in the Wall’ Breakfast Sandwich

Elenna Mach, Zoe Moser and Emily Nagy, Editors-in-Chief

Before each school day, RHS students can often be found stopping by big chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts for a quick breakfast. Despite the popularity of these global chains, the Rampage set out to find the best local “hole in the wall” spot for breakfast sandwiches, judging each location on its proximity to RHS, taste, atmosphere and price.


PB’s Coffee and Dessert:

The least “hole in the wall” choice, PB’s Coffee & Dessert, referred to as PB’s, is three minutes from RHS, tucked in the back corner of Rock Creek Village shopping center. It’s frequented by many RHS students and used as a fundraising spot for school clubs. PB’s has established its position as the local coffee shop and bakery. PB’s has an impressive selection of breakfast items including waffles, sandwiches and wraps. Some of the more popular breakfast sandwiches include the egg and cheddar cheese sandwich on a bagel priced at $3.55, and the egg, melted cheddar, avocado, spinach and tomato sandwich on ciabatta for $5.55. The bagel sandwich was slightly above average as the bagel was toasted perfectly, yet the egg texture was bland and the cheese slices were not melted. The atmosphere of PB’s is calming as smooth jazz plays in the background. Customer service is excellent with a friendly staff always willing to help. Overall, presentation and the meal were satisfactory. Overall: 3/5


Peter’s Grill

It’s a bit out of the way for Rockville students while on their way to school, but Peter’s Grill has flavorful food and quick service. This “hole in the wall” is located nine minutes away from RHS on E. Gude Drive and serves standard breakfast food and sandwiches, plus fried seafood plates. In just about five minutes, a meat, egg and cheese bagel for $3.95 and a piled-high steak, egg and cheese bagel for $6.29 was steaming and ready. The eggs were cooked fresh in contrast to other eateries that serve premade and frozen food. The steak was exceptional and the bagel was up to par but the ham wasn’t noteworthy. The cost of the food is more than reasonable and the flavor out does itself and the food is filling. The presentation was nothing special as it was served on paper plates and the atmosphere is very casual as it is a small store. The place can get busy in the mornings but the staff was welcoming and friendly. Peter’s Grill is a great stop for breakfast if students have just a little more time in the morning to spare.

Overall: 3.75/5


Royal Bagel Bakery:

Despite Royal Bagel Bakery’s 16-minute distance, the breakfast sandwiches are definitely worth the drive. Located in Olney, Royal Bagel Bakery touts itself for its New York style bagels which define their breakfast sandwiches. An egg and cheese on a bagel is an impressive $3.95 and their healthier option–turkey sausage, egg white and cheese on a bagel–is a reasonable $4.95. The bagels were toasted perfectly with a good taste and texture. They have the greatest selection of bagel flavors ranging from jalapeno to sun-dried tomato to cinnamon raisin. The egg and cheese sandwich was very delicious with the cheese perfectly melted and the eggs tasting fresh, though they were a little watery. The egg white sandwich was satisfactory yet the egg tasted a little pre-cooked. With its unbeatable prices and delectable bagels, Royal Bagel Bakery is worth the drive for a morning sandwich. Overall: 4/5.


Sunshine General Store:

Sunshine General Store is the definition of a “hole in the wall” restaurant located 21 minutes from RHS in Brookeville, MD. The ambiance is a little rundown but the smell of food cooking on the grill, makes clear their food is the real deal. Sunshine is home to the famous Sunshine Burger but their breakfast isn’t to be ignored. With a choice of four different breads, their ham, egg and cheese sandwich priced at $5.25 is satisfactory. The bread was perfectly toasted and the cheese was melted and gooey with a nice balance of ingredients. Even though Sunshine is tucked away in a suburban area, it does get busy with a 20-minute wait on a Sunday afternoon. Nonetheless, the food compensated for the long wait. Despite the distance, Sunshine General Store would be a good place to go on the weekends for a quick, casual bite.

Overall: 3.5/5