Rampage Volume 52 Staff

Graphic by Rampage Staff

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Editors-in-Chief: Colleen Barrett and Elenna Mach

Copy Editors: Ben Kushner and Daniel Pujo

Production Head: Olivia Turner

Online Editor: Jacob Burkhardt

Opinion Managing Editors: Andrew Coulibaly and George Baldwin

News Managing Editors: Emma Hourigan and Sabina Salguero

Features Managing Editors: Leyla Akselioglu and Gili Golan

Sports Managing Editors: Nathan Pianalto and Brendan Stewart

Game Story Editor: Jack Horan

Production Assistants: Michael Belluscio, Willow Graves and Alex Levy

Business Managers: George Baldwin and Jacob Burkhardt

Social Media Director: Nathan Pianalto

Photo Assistant: Emily Reynolds

Staff Writers:  Monica Blassou, Elizabeth DiFonzo, Maddi Kales, Paige Krawczel, Javier Lopez, Casey Majewski, Grayson McCord, Madhav Pillai, Emma Skoglund, Robert Stutzke, Emily Tran, Corina Valldejuli

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