MCPS Offers Free SAT to All Juniors

Sabina Salguero, Staff Writer

For the first time, RHS along with the rest of MCPS offered free in-school SAT testing April 9 to all students scheduled to graduate in 2020, without a required voucher.

In an effort to reduce the financial barrier between students and higher education, MCPS began offering free SAT testing in high schools last year after paying $450,000 for juniors to take the test. While many high schools offered free SAT testing during the school day last year, RHS instead allowed students to choose between taking the SAT or the ACT for free by turning in vouchers.

The SAT is an exam used to measure students in reading, writing and math, with the highest attainable score being 1600. When applying for college, many schools require students to submit their SAT scores. The SAT test costs $47.50 without the essay, and an additional $16 with it, which to many students was unaffordable.

“[The SAT] is about preparation for college,” English resource teacher Martin McCarrick said. “Many colleges use it to determine who is the best student… and with a free SAT, we’re providing equal opportunity for all students so that everyone has an open playing field.”

All juniors were required to either take the SAT or the ACT. Most juniors took advantage of the free SAT in school this year.  Students who chose to take the ACT were not paid for by MCPS and were given vouchers to help decrease its price.