Md. State Senate Passes New Bill on Cyberbullying

Andrew Coulibaly, Features Managing Editor

Maryland’s State Senate has unanimously approved Senate Bill 726, also known as Grace’s Law 2.0, which updates the definition of cyberbullying in Maryland and offers additional protection to victims.

Nine state senators sponsored the bill, according to the Maryland General Assembly which was introduced to the Senate Feb. 2, 2018.

Grace’s Law 2.0 is a bill which seeks to stop people from being cruel toward others online by banning the use of a computer or computer network to harass, intimidate or torment a minor. It increases the maximum time in prison from one to 10 years and increases the maximum fine from $500 to $10,000.

Sen. Robert Zirkin said he believes this bill renews the definition of electronic communications in order to match changing technology, according to a Feb. 7 Associated Press article.

The House of Representatives held a hearing for this bill March 27.