Burger Bracket: Who Has The Best Local Burger?

Jack Welch and Daniel Pujo

While the burger originated in Germany during the 19th century, it quickly became a staple in the American diet. The Rampage set out to find the best burgers in the area, sampling three local restaurants to choose which is the best spot for RHS students. Each restaurant was judged on distance from RHS, taste of the burger and price. The restaurants are rated on a scale of burgers, ranging from one to five (five being the best).


Five Guys

Located on 130 Gibbs Street, Five Guys Rockville is nine minutes away from RHS. A bacon cheeseburger costs $9.39, “little” fries cost $3.49 and a regular fountain drink is $2.49. For those who eat smaller portions, a little cheeseburger is $6.49. Five Guys offers unlimited toppings as well. The bacon cheeseburger was a good size for the price and had an enticing aroma and lots of flavor. The burger was huge with the cheese melted perfectly and an even distribution of the toppings. Where Five Guys lacks is its overall environment; the restaurant is dull and the customer service wasn’t inviting.

Rating: Five Guys receives four and a half burgers. Everything about the meal was solid, and the location is fairly close to RHS. Although the prices are high, the food is worth the money. Five Guys is recommended to those who love big burgers and are willing to spend at least $10.

The Habit Burger Grill

The Habit Burger Grill, located on 895 Rockville Pike, is seven minutes away from RHS and did not disappoint. The main thing that stood out was their outstanding customer service as customers are greeted with kindness by the staff. Their burgers are different from other restaurants as they are charbroiled. A No. 1 meal includes a charburger with cheese, fries, and a drink and costs $7.40. Those a little more hungry can have a double charburger with cheese for $1 more. There are also other types of burgers such as a teriyaki or mushroom swiss. Right when the food is ready, the smell is amazing and the taste is too. The charbroiled style makes it taste so much better than a normally cooked burger, and the french fries are very crispy but not too hard. The Habit Burger Grill is friendly, good tasting and priced well.

Rating: Five burgers for The Habit Burger Grill. It is the closest location to RHS, the price is reasonable under $10 the food is amazing and to top it off the customer service is great.



Located at 1592A Rockville Pike, Fuddruckers is less than two miles from RHS. Fuddruckers offers good burgers at decent prices. Starting at $7.75, the hamburger provides a reliable option for any burger lover.  The large cheeseburger comes out to $1 more than the regular. The burger had a good taste as the cheese was melted perfectly onto the burger which most places fail to do. Fuddruckers also offers a tex-mex burger, which is made up of fresh avocado, smokehouse bacon and pepper jack cheese. In addition to the array of burgers Fuddruckers has to offer, the steak fries compliment the burger very well giving it that complete meal. The customer service was good with workers who were welcoming and the food came out relatively quickly.

Ratings: Fuddruckers receives three and a half burgers. It’s a reliable place to get a burger for a reasonable price, and the customer service isn’t bad, but overall the quality of the burger fell short of other places as the size wasn’t as large as it should be given the price.


Out of all of the burger spots that The Rampage reviewed, The Habit Burger Grill was rated the best out of all the spots due to the proximity of the location. The burger was charbroiled with lots of flavor, reasonably priced and they had great customer service. Not to say that the rest of these burger spots weren’t great, but The Habit Burger Grill excelled at everything. The Habit Burger Grill was the most reliable option out of the three restaurants and is a great spot for RHS students.