2020 MCPS Operating Budget Includes over $55 Million More than 2019

Esther Frances, Print Copy Editor

The MCPS Board of Education (BOE) released the 2020 Operating Budget for the Fiscal Year (FY) Feb. 13 which includes over $55 million more in funding than the previous year, intended for maintaining adequate services for the ever-growing school population, reducing class sizes and strengthening school security.

“This budget will better position MCPS to support student success, close the achievement gap, and prepare all students to thrive,” Board President Shebra Evans said in a Feb. 13 MCPS press release. “This is a schools-first and student-first budget. An investment in our students is an investment that will yield strong results for our community.”

The $2.66 billion budget will move to Montgomery County executive Marc Elrich and the Montgomery County Council, who will release their proposed budget by March 15. After the counsel proposes a final budget in May, the 2020 Operating Budget will not be approved by the BOE until June.