IB Expo Celebrates Senior Accomplishments

Maddi Kales, Staff Writer

After two years in the program, International Baccalaureate (IB) students celebrated their accomplishments by sharing their research March 7 at the IB Expo.

The IB Expo is an annual celebration that recognizes the work of students in the IB Diploma Program (DP) and Career Pathway Program (CP) with superlatives upon completion of the programs.

“After the tremendous amount of work we’ve put into this program, it’ll be nice to finally celebrate this achievement,” IBDP senior Alyson Kren said.

IB students spend around 50 hours working on their 4,000 word research papers or extended essays. At the IB Expo, students share and receive recognition for their research with parents.

“I’m definitely excited to share [my research] with other parents and have the chance to talk about it because it’s something we’ve been working on for so long,” IBDP senior Brianna O’Neil said. “Validation is definitely a big part of it because [IB’s] been a lot of hard work and we definitely deserve recognition for it.”