College Board Updates AP Registration, Materials

Erin Bode, News Managing Editor

Beginning next school year the College Board is making changes to Advanced Placement (AP) exams, requiring students sign up for their exams by Nov. 15 or paying a $40 fee if they want to sign up later.

With the new changes to the timing of Advanced Placement (AP) exams, students could be placed under additional stress in deciding to sign up for AP exams.

In addition to the registration changes, the College Board is planning to release additional resources for students and teachers that will help prepare them for these exams.

Our goal is to ensure that all AP students have equal access to the best resources to help them earn college credit,” College Board spokesman Zachary Goldberg told The Washington Post in an email in a February 7 article.

“The annual cost to develop and maintain these new resources, and the cost to develop and implement the fall registration process, actually reduce, rather than expand, the AP Program’s operating income for the foreseeable future.”