Boy Scouts Change Their Name to Scouts BSA

Elenna Mach, Editor-in-Chief

Boy Scouts will be referred to as ‘Scouts BSA’ beginning February 2019 in correlation to the inclusion of young women into the program; however, this program is part of a larger organization that will continue to use the name, ‘Boy Scouts of America’ (BSA).

Beginning June 2018, girls ages 5-10 were allowed to join the Cub Scouts, formerly strictly for boys the same age. Next February, young women ages 11-17 will be allowed to join the Boys Scouts program where they can strive to earn the highest rank of an Eagle Scout.

Although some programs of the BSA were already co-ed including Venturing, Sea Scouts and Exploring groups, much controversy arose with the inclusion of girls into the Boy Scouts program.

Senior Mitsuo Kumagai has been a part of the Boy Scouts for seven years and is currently a Life Scout and future Eagle Scout. He said he supports the name change and finds it beneficial and more fair for girls to be allowed into the program.