Best of Local Sushi Restaurants


Photos by Emily Nagy

Top left: Spicy Tuna, Shrimp Tempura and Yummy Yummy rolls from Green Bamboo Top right: Spicy Tuna and Helena Special from Moko Sushi. Bottom left: Spicy Tuna and Lava Roll from Niwano Hana. Bottom right: Spicy tuna and Nats Rolls from Rolls n’ Rice.

Emily Nagy and Zoe Moser

Sushi continues to be increasingly popular in the modern wave of trendy food. Rockville students in particular, are fortunate enough to be in prime location to many top sushi restaurants. In this experiment, The Rampage set out to find the overall best sushi spot for RHS students, studying the proximity, price, taste and atmosphere of four local restaurants. To better judge the meal, The Rampage tried a spicy tuna roll and a specialty roll from each restaurant.


Niwano Hana

A seven-minute drive from RHS, Niwano Hana is in Wintergreen Plaza on Rockville Pike and invites a fancier atmosphere with bright lighting. Niwano Hana was the cleanest and most well-decorated, but each visit requires a formal sit-down by a hostess, so it is not fast casual dining. The specialty roll ordered was the Lava Roll, which cost $10.25 for 8 pieces and consists of shrimp tempura, crab stick, masago, scallions and spicy mayo. The Lava Roll exhibited many good flavors, but the warm crab topping tasted a bit fake and made it messy to eat. The spicy tuna roll, however, left a lot to be desired as the flavor was bland. Overall the restaurant received a 3.5/5 stars.


Moko Sushi

Moko Sushi is the closest restaurant to RHS, located 1.1 miles away in Rock Creek Village. Upon arrival customers are greeted by a scenic atmosphere with colored lights and impressive decorations. The restaurant was extremely quiet and The Rampage was seated and served right away. The specialty roll ordered at Moko Sushi was the Helena Special which was priced at $12.95, consisting of Shrimp tempura, crab stick, avocado, cucumber, soy paper and eel sauce. The roll was fresh and the tempura was crisp. The plating was artistic and displayed with a flower. The Spicy Tuna roll at Moko was $6.95 but was not as fresh as other restaurants and the portion was a lot smaller. Overall the restaurant received a 3/5 stars.


Green Bamboo

Green Bamboo is located next to the Twinbrook metro station, making it a five-minute drive from RHS. The restaurant had casually dimmed fluorescent lighting and TVs on the walls. Service and wait time was a little longer at Green Bamboo compared to other restaurants. The Spicy Tuna Roll, $6.00, was one of the best with a crunch added on top and the fish tasting fresh. The special roll ordered was the Yummy Yummy Roll, which is a deep fried roll with lobster salad, spicy crab meat, avocado and cream cheese at $14.00. The roll came with eight large pieces and tasted very good. To make the experience even better, all sushi is half price on the weekend, making the restaurant extremely affordable for students while still being tasty. Overall the restaurant received a 4.5/5 stars.


Rolls ‘n Rice

The farthest, but most casual option for RHS Students is Rolls n Rice, being a 10-minute drive from the school. Food is ordered at a register and then brought to tables when ready instead of a worker waiting on customers. The Spicy Tuna roll was extremely spicy but the added cucumber helped balance it out; it is priced at $6.50. The signature roll sampled was the Nats Roll which includes avocado, tempura crunch and red fish eggs on top. The Nats Roll was also excessively spicy and was $10.50. The presentation of the food was not done as artistically as other restaurants but was expected because of the more casual vibe. Overall the restaurant received a 2/5 stars.


Winner: Green Bamboo 

Green Bamboo came out as the overall winner due to its superior accessibility, affordability and overall taste. The sushi is reasonably priced, especially with its half off deal on the weekend, and delivers good quality fish and flavor combinations. The spicy tuna roll stood out as one of the best due to the fresh fish paired well with the crunch on top. The yummy yummy roll, though a warm roll, combined different fish and fillings to create a tasty and well put together piece. Green Bamboo works well as a fancier sit-down meal or a fast, casual and cheap take-out option for those looking for the perfect sushi meal.