Tip Line Created For Students to Report Possible Threats

Aidan Brami, Online Copy Editor

Governor Larry Hogan announced the launch of “Safe Schools Maryland,” a tip line for students and other community members to report possible threats in schools.

The program will run as a mobile app, website and phone line that can be contacted 24/7. Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) will be in charge of receiving and responding to all calls and reports.

“Incidents of targeted violence at our schools are rarely sudden impulsive acts; instead, in the majority of these incidents, another person was aware of what the student was thinking or planning to do,” Hogan said in an Oct. 3 MyMCMedia article. “We must remain ever vigilant when it comes to protecting our kids, and we are counting on our local school communities, our students, teachers and parents to work together with us in these important efforts.”

Concerned citizens can contact the tip line at 1.833.MD.B.SAFE (1-833-632-7233) or safeschoolsmd.org.