Math Hallway Helps to Inspire Students


Photo by Angelina Logsdon

Beginning this school year students have been greeted with inspirational quotes framed throughout the math wing of the building.

Teddy Bilodeau, Staff Writer

“Hard work beats talent.” Walking down the math hallway, students will find a new addition this school year: inspirational quotes that serve to encourage students throughout their day.

“The walls were blank in the entire math wing,” math resource teacher Marcus Wiggins said, who implemented the new addition. Wiggins said he hopes these quotes “become part of [students] own mantras” that they can apply on a daily basis.

After initially getting the idea for the slight remodel of the math hallway, Wiggins purchased the frames on Amazon and printed the quotes.  He quickly got to work on giving them an orange backdrop to make them stand out.

Some students have already found the quotes to be helpful throughout the first month of taking Advanced Placement Calculus BC.

“[They] never fail to brighten my day and always remind me to do my best in school,” senior Ryan Kelly said.