$18 & Under: The Habit Burger Grill


Photo by Daniel Pujo

Students have been frequenting the Habit Burger Grill for the burgers and inexpensive prices, giving other burger spots on the Pike competition.

Daniel Pujo, Sports Managing Editor

California based chain, The Habit Burger Grill, has been a hot spot for RHS students since opening its Rockville location on Rockville Pike in 2016.

With charbroiled burgers and fresh-cut fries, the restaurant offers a friendly environment for students to hangout and eat at an affordable price. The menu offers many different combinations of the famous Char burgers, sandwiches, crispy fries, healthy salads, a kids menu and an assortment of desserts.

Their popular combo is the Original Charburger with fries and a drink for $8.20. An original Charburger meal is 100 percent fresh ground beef, chargrilled, with lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions, mayonnaise, pickles and a toasted bun with other topping options.

“My favorite thing to get is the BBQ bacon burger with onion rings. It always gets me right–the barbeque sauce is the best I’ve tasted,” senior Rajuan Stevens said.

The growing chain has attracted many students and reeled them in with its menu.

Charbroiled Burgers, french fries, assortment of sandwiches, desserts, salads and a kids menu are featured on the menu.

“The Habit is my favorite place. Every time I walk in, I know I’m going to get good food,” junior Monica Blassou said. “I always get the No 1, classic Char burger, fries and a drink,” Blassou added. “You can add any toppings for no extra cost.”

Since its opening in 1969 in Santa Barbara, Calif., the Habit Burger Grill has expanded from 16 California locations to 243 locations around the country, including three Maryland locations.

Overall, the restaurant provides a relaxed and casual atmosphere with booths, tables and a high top counter for patrons to enjoy their meals. Also featured in the restaurant are pictures of the original California location as well as large windows to let in refreshing natural light.

Despite having a lot of nearby competition on Rockville Pike–Smashburger, Five Guys, Fuddruckers and Wendy’s–the Habit Burger Grill continues to be the students’ choice over these other nearby chains.

While some may see it as just another burger spot on the Pike, students keep returning because it has brought the California vibe to Maryland.

“One bite of a Charburger will transport you to a place where cool ocean breezes sweep gently through majestic green palm fronds,” according to the Habit Burger website.

From coast to coast, the two founding brothers continue teaching its patrons “what it means to MAKE IT A HABIT.”