School-Wide Tech Modifications Made Over Summer, Will Happen Every Five Years

Matthew Liu, Opinion Managing Editor

Tech Mod, an MCPS-wide technology improvement project, was carried out at RHS over the summer, bringing an update to the school’s technology, which has not been refreshed since 2013.

Along with 11 other high schools, various technology learning tools were added to RHS, including chromebooks, desktop computers and computer software. Existing technology, such as Promethean boards and printers, have also received updates.

Outdated computers such as the Dell Optiplex 755s and 390s were replaced with newer Optiplex 3050s and 3010s, all of which were installed with Windows 10, the most current operating system, Information Technology Systems Specialist Jennifer Lomax said.

Students and staff alike benefit greatly from the updates to tech that the project brings to classrooms around the school, she added.

“Teachers and students should enjoy quicker network speeds and faster login times, as well as more up-to-date hardware, operating systems and software applications,” Lomax said.

Students seem to agree. Senior Nick Corbin is currently a student enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) Java, a class that requires the daily use of computers to complete assigned tasks.

“In AP Java, I use computers in the classroom to access notes and practice my coding skills,” Corbin said. “After the modifications were done, I noticed that the computers are much faster and the online experience is significantly more responsive.”

However, not everyone is impressed by the changes. Some teachers have voiced concerns that Tech Mod has caused various problems which can disrupt lessons.

“While my Yearbook students do enjoy working on the new computers, logging in still takes a long time,” English teacher Krista McKim said. “Also, permission rules for online videos were changed; this change was not properly communicated to the teachers, so it’s a lot harder to offer students the same variety of educational videos that we could offer to them previously.”

As Tech Mod happens every five years, RHS teachers will continue to adapt to the changes brought on by this year’s modifications until the next round takes place in 2023.