Sprinkler Incident Floods Hallway


Photo by Olivia De'Ath

Though the sprinkler has been replaced, the water marks around it are still visible. The system was set off when a JV player threw a football and damaged the sprinkler Oct. 13.

Aidan Brami, Online Copy Editor

Emergency sprinklers flooded the hallways by the boys PE office Oct. 13 when a JV football player was throwing a football to another player while preparing for their game against Magruder High School.

There was approximately one half inch of water in the hallway, and it flooded into the PE office and boys locker room, business administrator David Stough said. To fix the sprinkler, an MCPS plumber came out and refilled the system; to assess building safety, a contractor came out to do indoor air quality and dry the inflicted areas.

“A sprinkler head was replaced. We’re probably going to have to have that one tile replaced–it had some water on it. In the end nothing big has to be fixed, we got lucky,” Stough said.

The homecoming dance was not affected and took place later that evening in the cafeteria. The hallway was blocked off to students at the dance while repairs were being done and the area was being dried with fans.

“When I first saw it, I just tried to get stuff out of the PE office and save whatever I could,” PE teacher Todd Dembroski said. “There wasn’t any bad damage, we just lost a few papers and the box of loaner clothes.”