Students Respond to Kavanaugh Hearings, Accusations

Colleen Barrett, Print Copy Editor

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Colleen Barrett, Print Copy Editor

Junior Colleen Barrett is starting her first full year on the Rampage staff as copy editor after completing J1 her sophomore year. She discovered early...

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One Response to “Students Respond to Kavanaugh Hearings, Accusations”

  1. Margaret Safford on October 16th, 2018 10:07 am

    I don’t understand how people can think that this was a ruse put forth by the Democrats. Dr. Ford’s therapist had notes about the incident from 2012! Maybe if people stopped looking at this as a battle between Democrats and Republicans and started seeing it as what it is: a woman receiving death threats for daring to speak up about a traumatic experience for the sake of our country, then Trump could have gone back to his list of conservative judges and picked one who was actually worthy of a position on the Supreme Court.

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Students Respond to Kavanaugh Hearings, Accusations