Former RHS Student Becomes Nickelodeon Actress


Photo courtesy of Amina Alzouma

Alzouma and her cast mate celebrate being on the Nickelodeon show, “I am Frankie” with a picture. Alzouma moved to Miami, Fla. in March with her mother to film the second season

Alex Reynolds, Online Editor-in-Chief

Former RHS student Amina Alzouma was brought on for the second season of Nickelodeon’s show “I Am Frankie” March 13 which is being filmed in Florida, causing her to move to Miami.

The show first aired August 21, 2017 and stars Frankie, a teenage girl who is secretly an experimental android.

Alzouma’s agent Ani Antonian sent a tape audition to the casting directors of “I Am Frankie” in February. She was then flown out to L.A. for a live audition in front of the show’s producers and directors later in the month. Following her casting, Alzouma moved to Miami Fla. in March, 2018 for the duration of filming.

She goes to school near the studio where she studies during the day before filming.

“This is the best experience of my career so far. I’m getting my foot in the door which will help me going forward.”
– Senior Actress
Amina Alzouma

“This is the best experience of my career so far,” Alzouma said. “I’m getting my foot in the door which will help me going forward.”

With Alzouma now in Florida, her family of four in Rockville is now split. Currently, Amina is living with her mother in Florida in a condo paid for by Nickelodeon. Alzouma lives alongside her fellow castmates, who she says she spends a lot of time with.

Back in Rockville, her father is at home with her brother Khalid, a sophomore at RHS.

“My house is a lot quieter. It’s been an interesting transition,” Khalid Alzouma said.

Both the Alzouma children started their careers at The Finest! a performance center in Rockville at the age of eight. The siblings also shared a stage in “A Change Gon’ Come” for several years starting at the DC Black Theater Festival starting when Amina was seven years old. Prior to “I Am Frankie,” Alzouma’s biggest role was in the short film “Brute” (2013) where she played the leading role of an abused young girl.

“I’m happy for her, it’s exciting. It’s Nickelodeon, it’s a big company,” Khalid Alzouma said. “I’m excited for her but it also may mean I have more connections. I think with my sister being on a Nickelodeon show could also help me out.”

Alzouma has also lent her hand in productions at RHS. She played the role of Tiffany in the 2016 spring musical “Back to the Totally Awesome 80’s” and Veruca Salt in the 2017 spring musical “Willy Wonka.”
Alzouma hopes to attend California State University, in Los Angeles next year. “I Am Frankie” season 2 is still in production and air date is still to be decided.