Rockville Ranked Among Happiest Cities to Work

Teddy Andrew, Staff Writer

Although going to work may be dreadful to some, only eight cities in the U.S. are happier than Rockville when heading into the office every day. The website Careerbliss released their “Happiest Cities to Work” list Feb. 9, placing Rockville in the ninth spot nationally.

Thousands of cities nationwide were evaluated based on a wealth of factors, including the city’s ability to provide opportunities for higher education, personal growth and year-round activities.

Chief Happiness Officer and Cofounder of Careerbliss Heidi Golledge described why certain cities ranked higher than others.  

“Cities are continuing to compete to bring companies to their cities to increase job opportunities and happiness for their residents,” Golledge said.

Senior Ian Mendoza has held four jobs during his tenure at RHS, all of which have been in Rockville, and agrees with Rockville’s inclusion on the list. Mendoza is currently employed at the Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop located in Rockville Town Center.

“I absolutely love my workplace. It’s a fun place to hang out and has a great environment,” Mendoza said. “I would recommend working in the ‘Ville to anyone looking to have fun while working.”