One School, Countless Cultures

Sophomore Mei Li (left), RMHS senior Allen Yoo (center), and sophomore Angela Kim (right) rehearse for their Culture Fest Performance of "Wedding Dress". -- Photo used with permission by Chloefaith Casilag

The culture festival is a time for students to display their ethnic background with pride. RHS students have been doing this for years; they immerse themselves in each other’s differences and embrace it.

This year’s Culture Festival is April 1. Students throughout the school have been practicing acts or perfecting their cooking in order to demonstrate how special each of their cultures are. There will be musicians, cooks, dancing, acting, singing and more in order to reflect their culture.

Traditions of the Cultural Festival ensure that no culture is forgotten; it teaches the staff and students to respect and learn different cultures. As important as ethnicity is, culture is more than a persons race. Culture also consist of social groups, age, gender; the list goes on.

The amount of different backgrounds at RHS is unevenly proportioned. 25 percent of the student population is Hispanic, 17 percent African American, 45 percent Caucasian and a small percent12 percent represent Asians. The balance of race hangs crookedly and unbalanced, yet stands together in unity as a school.

Even with the uneven balance, every culture is accepted and held in the highest regard at RHS. All students attending the 2011 Culture Festival will be able to taste the delicacies of other cultures and witness the beauty, grace and elegance of traditional dances, while being able to have their ears tempted with the phenomenal splendor made possible by musicians of various cultures.

The school’s staff and students eagerly await the arrival of the Culture Festival of 2011, which will make possible the opportunity of learning and accepting the various cultures around the world. 2011 Culture Festival will be a memorable and magical night for the community.