After 25 Years of Advocating, Girls Tennis moves to Spring Season

Isaac Higgins , Staff Writer

Next year, the girl’s tennis season is set to change from fall to spring, after holding the season in the fall for 25 years.

Montgomery county was the only county with a girls tennis season in the spring. The initiative to change the season has been pushed for 25 years, athletic director Michael Hayes said.

“We’ve been fighting this battle for literally 25 years and we finally got outvoted this year for the first time,” Hayes said. “The state championships are in the spring, so we were having a season in the fall with state championships in the spring. It didn’t really match up.”

This is not the first time a sport’s season has been moved. When lacrosse was first introduced around 20 years ago, girls’ soccer had to be moved to the fall to make room in the season, Hayes said.

The season is set to officially start March 1, 2019.