Ready Player One Movie Review


Warner Bros.

Jonathon Brake, Staff Writer

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Stephen Spielberg’s adaptation of Ernest Cline’s, “Ready Player One,” premiered in theaters March 29 in standard definition and Imax 3-D. OASIS, the multiplayer simulation game which was showcased in the movie, was creatively explored through intense action and special effects.

The movie is set in 2045 where the virtual reality (VR) universe, OASIS, created by wealthy entrepreneur James Halliday, has consumed the world. The VR helped people escape from reality’s imperfections to the OASIS, where the only limit is the player’s imagination. When Halliday dies, he leaves a set of challenges/keys for the players including the young hero Wade Watts, know in the OASIS as A?ParzivalA?, to win. The players are gamers with extensive knowledge of 1980’s video games. Whilehe contest to find all of the keys has Halliday’s generous inheritance as the prize, the players experience pain, friendship, love and intense competition along the way.

Spielberg does an excellent job with the graphics and development of the OASIS to immerse viewers in the VR world right next to the young heroes. The 3-D movie option improves this illusion as seen specifically in the intense fighting scenes, giving the viewer the feeling that they are in the world watching the fights unfold in front of them.

The cast boasts a diverse group with contrasting races, ages, personalities and genders that both gel well together and have strong comradery. Watts is an 18-year-old white nerdy kid from the slums who connects with his female African-American best friend Helen Harris or A?AechA? in the OASIS. There are also two Asian characters, Toshiro Yoshiaki/Daito and Akihide Karatsu. Together this diverse group of friends overcome the competitive drive for the prize in order to defeat evil characters who wish to control the OASIS and profit from it. While the good vs. evil storyline is nothing new, the bonding of the diverse friends as they save the VR world adds a worthwhile edge to this movie.

“Ready Player One” is geared toward those who play video games due to the films (constant) references to games of the 80s. Therefore audience members uninterested in video games may not be as invested in the film.

Rotten Tomatoes, a popular movie rating website, gave the movie a 6.9 out of 10 while the audience score gave an average of a four out of five. The movie grossed over $53 million in the first four-day weekend.

The diverse characters, dazzling graphic effects and Spielberg’s direction, worked together to make “Ready Player One” an engaging and thrilling April blockbuster.