Class of 2021 Gets New Graduation Requirement

Olivia De'Ath, Staff Writer

Starting this school year, MCPS has updated graduation requirements beginning with the class of 2021 so that all students need to be enrolled in a math class in each year of high school.

The requirements were implemented in September 2017, in efforts to help students successfully complete their requirements before graduation and get them prepared for college and future careers.

The Maryland state College and Career Readiness and College Completion Act (CCRCA) from 2013 outlines similar requirements directed to increase the college and career readiness of students and college completion in the state.

MCPSa�� new requirement could allow students to earn more than four credits in math for graduation.

“I think this requirement will help me to be prepared for all the possibilities of professions I will be pursuing in my future and I think it’s good to be advanced in math because it’s a skill that can be used for a lot of different professions and give you more options,” freshman Hanna Cha said.