Artist Spotlight: Ines Donfack


Junior Ines Donfack created “I See Your Talent” during the 2016-17 school year to recognize talented students in the school.

Gabe Reyes, Online Editor-in-Chief

Artists aim to share their work with others, but rarely does an artist go beyond showcasing her own work and take the time to spotlight other artists. Junior Ines Donfack created a specialized segment on the RHS morning show that focuses on student artists. She continues to hone her craft through photography, editing and cinematography on Instagram.

“I See Your Talent” is a biweekly segment that runs on the morning announcements. Donfack created the piece during the 2016-17 school year to recognize talented students in the school.

Television production teacher Steve Mirman helped create “I See Your Talent,” which offers a platform for students to talk about what they do, why they do it and in some cases perform their act.

“Ines wanted to feature the talent that is throughout Rockville whether it’s singing or dancing or acting or art work or whatever special talent people have,” Mirman said. “She wanted to start featuring students just as a profile segment just to highlight the diverse range of talent that we have here at Rockville.”

Donfack will continue to feature “I See Your Talent” biweekly on the morning announcements, throughout this year and possibly into next school year.

Donfack has been running her art Instagram account (@odetofuture) for three years. The account was made to highlight students with portraits and videos. Donfack is known for phot shoots with students.

“I started @odetofuture for the same reason most people start their Instagrams. It’s kind of just a trend or a thing we do as teenagers I guess,” Donfack said. “Admittedly, I was motivated for sort of superficial reasons at first but eventually I really just started really falling in love with photography and the community that Instagram brings.”

Junior Lance William has been featured on @odetofuture twice, once for a photo shoot and a second time for a video.

“I was really relaxed since she was taking candid pictures so it was all natural,” William said. “She made sure I was comfortable and told me not to worry about looking good.”

Donfack plans on continuing to run her Instagram account and feature more students in the future.