High Flyer Essama-Ayi


Zoe Moser, Sports Managing Editor

Senior Tiama Essama-Ayi proves her athleticism and physicality through a variety of sports and athletic events, including indoor and outdoor track and volleyball.

Essama-Ayi has played volleyball all four years of high school, two of which were on varsity, basketball her first two years, outdoor track for three years and indoor track for the past two years.

Some notable accolades have been earned in indoor track, where her main events are the 300-meter hurdles, the 55-meter sprint, the 100-meter sprint and the high jump. Essama-Ayi qualified for the 2017 state meet last year, competing in the high-jump, which she found exciting, she said. Essama-Ayi was also the only athlete from outdoor track to qualify for states.

“The funny story is that I got into [high jump] because I didn’t want to run one practice,” Essama-Ayi said. “And I was like “I’m gonna go jump instead,a�� and then found out I was decent at it.”

Senior Jillian Krawczel, Essama-Ayi’s indoor track and volleyball teammate, said that Essama-Ayi has had a big impact on the team by always helping everyone out and getting everyone excited.

“Above all else, Tiama really brings enthusiasm wherever she goes so it’s exciting to be her teammate,” Krawczel said. “She’s really good at getting everyone pumped up and ready to grind.”

Essama-Ayi’s outgoing personality has been integral in her performance both on and off the track and the court, helping her advance to state meets as well as earn the respect from coaches and teammates alike.

Indoor and outdoor track coach Amy Brewer has been Essama-Ayi’s indoor track coach for three years and her outdoor track coach for one year. Among her many qualities, Brewer recognizes Essama-Ayi’s strong work ethic, strength and height, which are advantageous in helping her get over the high-jump bar. Brewer further said that Essama-Ayi has inspired her in many ways.

“It’s difficult to keep jumping over the bar on the high jump and have it fall everytime, and to see her persevere and get to the point where she can do it and make it past all the other competition,” Brewer said.

Essama-Ayi is currently working hard at practices, aiming to improve on the high-jump every day and to qualify for another state meet in high-jump this year.

“You just have to believe in yourself and if you keep on working hard,” she said, “you’ll achieve your dreams and goals.”