RHS to Open Athletics Hall of Fame Next Year

Zoe Moser , Sports Managing Editor

After this school year, RHS plans to open a new athletic hall of fame (HOF) to honor exceptionally successful former RHS athletes, coaches, directors and anyone else involved in RHS sports.
Various other MCPS high schools have athletic hall of fames such as Thomas Sprigg Wootton HS and Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS, which have been honoring alumni such as NFL players, U.S. swimmers and Olympians.

The idea for an RHS hall of fame originated with athletic director Michael Hayes, who said he was inspired by RHSa�� 50th anniversary. However, many of the details such as the location, cost and space have yet to be figured out. Possible locations for the hall of fame include outside the cafeteria or across from the snack bar.

“I think it’s cool to go to a school and see that [athletic hall of fame], and I think it attracts kids [who] will read it and be like “oh it’s cool, or you know, this person went there and played for, you know, the Ravens,a��” Hayes said. “I think it’s cool to have. It’s gonna be a lot of work in the beginning, but hopefully this draws up interest.

The process begins when someone nominates a person such as a coach or athlete involved in RHS athletics who meets eligibility requirements, via nomination forms. To be nominated, the individual or team must have shown exceptional contribution to RHS Athletics, such as an athlete being named All-Met or All-State (prestigious state and county-wide awards) or coaches earning prestigious awards. Athletes also must have graduated from RHS for at least four years prior to be eligible and coaches must be at the end of their coaching tenure or in retirement.

The hall of fame idea and nomination forms have been sent out to all teachers and coaches, as well as posted on the PTA and Booster Club Facebook pages and RHS Athletics Twitter pages. So far there are five submitted nominations, but Hayes anticipates that there will be many nominees submitted before the May 1 deadline.

“The HOF will bring a level of excitement to Rockville Athletics and will hopefully get previous players, coaches and community members invested in our current teams at RHS,” volleyball coach and P.E. teacher Stacey Krebs said. “This is a great opportunity to recognize outstanding members of our athletics programs.”

Once submitted, a selection committee comprised of Hayes, principal Billie-Jean Bensen, various coaches, Booster Club president Chris Emond and members will review nominations to pick inductees for the following 2018-19 induction year. Hayes anticipates at least 10 people to be nominated.

Once the list of inductees is finalized, the details of the ceremony will be decided. A tentative fall 2018-19 first induction will depend on scheduling conflicts, costs and weather.

“I think this is a great idea to motivate people playing sports to try their best and be well rounded,” sophomore athlete Kate Holland said. “I think it will also provide a source of history for athletes about our school and the sports that they [played].”