MCPS Investigates Sorunke’s Eligibility


Freshman Jimmy Sorunke was the breakout star this year for the Boys Basketball team, leading the team in blocks, rebounds and points per game.

Alex Reynolds, Online Editor-in-Chief

Freshman basketball star Jimmy Sorunke’s eligibility was called into question following a report by Deadspin, prompting Sorunke and his guardian to defend his age in a press conference March 9.

Deadspin’s Dave McKenna reported March 7 that freshman Jimmy Sorunke is in fact 20 years old, citing circumstantial evidence gathered from blogs and social media posts. Sorunke and guardian Joe Boncore held a televised interview for ABC and NBC, March 9.

In response to the reports, MCPS launched an investigation further reviewing the paperwork Sorunke and his guardian submitted last summer as well as looking into the Deadspin article’s claims.

MCPS put out an official statement regarding the investigation March 9.

“MCPS is aware of the allegation regarding the age of a student-athlete at Rockville High School and we are looking into the matter. MCPS did receive documentation at the time of enrollment that indicated the birthdate of the student-athlete as June 11, 2001.”

In the NBC4 interview, Sorunke revealed both his passport and his birth certificate which both stated that he is 16 years old.

MCPS is still investigating the allegations and plans to release their official findings soon.