BOE Member Jeanette Dixon Speaks on Pressing Issues to BSU


Photo by Noam Elfassi

BOE member Jeanette Dixon speaks to the Black Student Union in the career center.

Alex Reynolds , Online Editor-in-Chief

Board of Education (BOE) member Jeanette Dixon spoke to members of the Black Student Union (BSU) Feb. 28 about issues facing students, black history and her story.

Dixon discussed how the BOE requested $2.59 billion to invest in social and emotional health, reorganizing central office funding, and discussed ways to close the achievement gap. She also presented books and articles about black history such as “Black Reconstruction” by W.E.B Du Bois and the paperback collection of “Three Negro Classics.”

Dixon was enthused by the student’s reactions to the Parkland shooting and encouraged students to voice their opinions.

“I am really optimistic because of students, that you’ve taken it all on and you really want to do something about gun control,” Dixon said. “I am very optimistic that you young people are going to get something done about guns.”

Dixon spoke at Flower Valley ES Feb. 6 for Black History Month, which inspired BSU President Angelique Wong to reach out to Dixon to speak at RHS.

“Seeing support from lawmakers and people from the school district, makes [students] want to get involved more,” Wong said. “I think that our students needed a push from the adults that support them that it is okay for you speak about how you feel.”

Dixon spent 30 years as a social studies teacher and principal at White Oak ES and Paint Branch HS. Dixon’s passion for students voicing their opinions inspired her to run for a spot on the BOE. At the age of 67, Dixon defeated two-year incumbent Philip Kauffman to become the chairperson of the Board’s Fiscal Management Committee. She emphasized that students could do whatever they wanted despite their age or circumstance.

“You can make a difference,” Dixon said. “So never let anyone tell you that you cannot accomplish something and people should be careful of underestimating you.”