Once again Planned Parenthood is at risk of losing funding over the ongoing abortion debate.  The organization is not widely recognized for the various other health services it provides.

Risks Increase For Vulnerable Americans if Planned Parenthood Defunded

Esther Frances, Print Copy Editor March 29, 2019

For over 100 years, non-profit organization Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc., commonly referred to as Planned Parenthood, has provided reduced-fee sexual health care and resources for low-income...

MCPS Needs to Have More Field Trips

MCPS Needs to Have More Field Trips

Daniel Pujo, Sports Managing Editor March 26, 2019

Students sitting in class, the teacher anchored at the promethean board, drones on through the lesson as the students fight off sleep. Instead of forcing students to sit through lectures, field trips offer...

Students Should Think About Future Before Dropping Classes

Students Should Think About Future Before Dropping Classes

Esther Frances, Copy Editor February 26, 2019

It’s that time of the year: report card distribution. While dropping a class may seem like the only way to solve a failing grade, dropping a higher level class such as honors, Advanced Placement (AP)...

The College Board creates many tests including the SAT, PSAT, AP and Accuplacer tests, and is also responsible for the delivery of those test scores to colleges.

College Board Continues to Overcharge for Services, Needs to Change Approach

Matthew Liu, Opinion Managing Editor February 25, 2019

The financial burden of the College Board’s services has a profound impact on students, particularly those from low-income families, as the prices they charge students for their services are widely considered...

MCPS Needs to Address Grade Inflation Head On

MCPS Needs to Address Grade Inflation Head On

Colleen Barrett, Print Copy Editor February 15, 2019

Many publications including the Washington Post have been discussing MCPS, and while the school system is usually spoken of highly and commended for its work, this time, potential grade inflation is the...

Officer Arnold Aubrey chats with students in the hallway as he makes a concerted effort to get to know students and staff in the building.  He joined Rockville HS in January after serving as SRO at Poolesville HS.

Importance of a Present School Resource Officer

Editorial Board February 14, 2019

The introduction of School Resource Officers (SRO) to MCPS high schools has improved safety and peace of mind by providing a feeling of security for students and staff. But beyond just being a safety...

The longest government shutdown in history concluded but left over 800,000 employees struggling after missing paychecks.  Workers have returned to work with the next deadline being Feb. 15.

Politicks Me Off: Longest Government Shutdown Unnecessary, Spurred by Conservative Commentators

Esther Frances, Print Copy Editor February 14, 2019

Over 800,000 federal employers spent 35 days either without work or working without pay as the longest government shutdown came to a temporary close Jan. 25. Even after agreeing to a short-term spending...

All MCPS students are required to take four years of math.  In some cases students are ahead by taking Algebra courses in middle school and the higher level courses they take at the end of high school are viewed as pointless with regards to future careers.

Forcing Students to Take Four Years of Math Doesn’t Add Up

Ben Kushner, Opinion Writer February 13, 2019

Slowly pushing through a packed hallway, a sophomore lethargically walks to math class. After working hard in middle school, he is now in pre-calculus. Whether he is interested in the subject or not doesn’t...

In response to recent hazing allegations and then charges for five JV football players at Damascus, all athletic directors held a meeting with fall athletes that reviewed MCPS hazing policies.

MCPS Needs to Extend Recently Implemented Hazing Precautions

Editorial Board December 21, 2018

In light of an incident at Damascus High School (HS) where members of the JV football team were allegedly sodomized with a broomstick as part of a hazing ritual, MCPS has finally begun addressing hazing...

The Trump administration has a higher turnover rate than any previous modern administration.  New resignations continue to be announced from even the highest levels of cabinet.

Administration’s Unprecedented Turnover Rate Harms Policies, People

Matthew Liu, Opinion Managing Editor December 21, 2018

The Trump administration’s turnover rate for top officials has shattered records. As of the most recent standings, it is up to nine times as high as previous administrations at similar points in their...

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