“Lightning Thief” to Premiere as Spring Musical


Lily Matsui

Rockville High School’s “Lightning Thief” cast rehearses for opening night March 17

This year, Rockville HS’ Drama department is putting on the “Lightning Thief”, an adaptation of Rick Riordan’s first “Percy Jackson” novel. Production for the “Lightning Thief” is in full swing as opening night approaches on March 17.


I’m really looking forward to seeing our seniors shine on the RHS stage one last time,” said director Mary-Rose Madan. “I’m also looking forward to seeing our younger students perform!”


The play revolves around Percy Jackson, played by Ezekiel Hernandez, and his adventure into Camp Half-Blood, as well as all the mishaps that come with being the son of a god. The Drama department has been working for months setting up props, making set pieces, and performing songs. A lot of effort has been put into getting the play ready, and it’s clear that’s not stopping even in the days leading up to the opening night.


“I’ve got a script that I go through and mark entrances and exits for set pieces,” said senior Chris Smedberg. “Since I’m in charge of paint, we’re in charge of designing the flat backgrounds, so I’ve been working on that.”


Outside of rehearsal, cast members have been on their own preparing for opening night. From reciting lines to memorizing songs, the cast is getting ready for opening night.


“I’ve been reviewing my lines and rehearsing my songs,” said freshman Blakely Pfaff.


The cast and crew are excited to showcase their talents and put on a performance for the Rockville community. Actors and actresses have been working to memorize lines, practice songs, and get their costumes together.


“I’m really looking forward to opening night and getting to perform,” said Pfaff.


It’s clear that the cast and crew have put a lot of effort into their performances and set pieces. They’re also bound to get a lot of laughs from the show, and for those who have read Rick Riordan’s novels, there’s a deep appreciation for this musical adaptation.


“The actors have been putting in an incredible amount of work,” said Smedberg. “It’s a very funny show, but there is also emotional weight to it, and it’s just going to be a really cool experience.”