Does Fall Start too Early?

Picture this– August is reaching an end, and Starbucks just released its seasonal fall menu. The pleasant scents of pumpkin spice, cinnamon, apple cider, and all things sweet begin to fill the air. Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations are already appearing on local store shelves. The fall season approaches before September even begins — but does fall begin too early? No, it doesn’t! 

Fall is notoriously known as the season between summer and winter, a time that comes with chilly autumnal weather, continuously shorter days, and leaves that begin to change color. According to the commonly used Gregorian calendar, the autumn equinox or the official fall starting date, begins Sep. 22, 2022. In previous years, the starting date has remained around the same time.

The official fall start date doesn’t stop the early celebrators! Many autumn lovers kick-start their season of apple-picking and pumpkin spice lattes long before it’s officially begun.

“I actually feel like [fall] starts late,” senior Dina Ortiz expressed. “I really like fall. I have a feeling that it should start earlier.”

There is no such thing as “too early” for your typical fall lover and those ready to jump right into the season! Lots of people take themselves to enjoy the seasonal drinks and foods, most notably, the delicious and popular pumpkin spice flavor that signals fall’s welcomed arrival.

“The pumpkin spice stuff, they come on time,” Ortiz said. 

Along with the fall seasonal menus, early celebrators may even set up fall-themed decorations around their homes. Whether it’s fall-themed throw pillows, frames, pumpkins, or leaves, fall fanatics eagerly construct a cozy fall atmosphere. 

A majority of people also classify fall as the season for “sweater weather,” since cooler temperatures allow a change from summer clothing to warmer layers. 

The fall sweater weather season doesn’t begin until later on in the season. For those who celebrate earlier than the official date, the weather doesn’t feel as cool until the first frost, typically happening in early October.

While everyone starts celebrating fall at different times, it’s never too early to celebrate the highly anticipated fall culture full of excitement and many fun traditions.