High Gas Prices Continue to Hinder Student Drivers



High gas prices continue to trouble student drivers. Among expenses for other things, gas prices have limited some students ability to travel freely.

Recently, gas prices around the country have increased drastically, leaving citizens confused and angry.  The cost of gas has been on the rise, and there are several factors, such as the pandemic, lack of oil production, and the Russian-Ukrainian war. 

For instance, during the pandemic people all around the country were driving much less, making the demand for gas decrease causing the price to decrease. Due to the low demand for gas amidst the pandemic, oil companies produced less oil. Now that things are starting to go back to normal,  the amount of oil being produced does not align with the demand, resulting in it becoming more valuable, and therefore, more expensive. 

Luckily for Marylanders, Governor Larry Hogan placed a 30 day emergency gas bill on March 18; this bill cut gas taxes in the state of Maryland, making gas somewhat more affordable for a time. This relief bill has now expired causing prices to increase even more. 

Due to the US sanctions on Russia gas prices have been on the rise. These sanctions are making it hard for countries to import russian oil and gas prices are reacting to that.

Within the Rockville community many have been affected by this crisis. 

“The price of gas has really limited my driving,” junior Joey Hung said. 

Furthermore, many have reached out to friends and family to help cope with the sudden spike in gas prices. 

“I have started carpooling with my friends to try and save money,” junior Diana Nguyen said. 

There is no exact date known when gas prices will stabilize, nonetheless, oil prices have dropped dramatically in the states therefore there could be hope. 

The reality is until the Ukraine-Russia situation stabilizes gas prices will remain high, and cost Americans more than they want. The instability of the market and the sanctions imposed on Russia are the reason for this disaster.