Students Suggest Ways to Help During Ukraine Crisis

On Feb. 24, Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president and leader, initiated a military invasion of Ukraine as a result of the ongoing Russian and Ukrainian 2014 war.

 Putin ordered numerous military troops, weapons, and threats to major cities in Ukraine such as Kyiv; the continuation of these attacks between both countries has caused an inevitable war.

According to Bloomberg, Russia’s invasion and bombings have caused thousands of injuries, deaths, and evacuations. Around 500,000 Ukrainians have left their homes, with many severely injured.

“The Ukraine situation is completely unfair and wrong. It is cruel to be commuting unjust actions,” freshman Elizabeth Covino stated, “It’s very important that we as a country step in to cease the inclining deaths in Ukraine.”

The U.S has donated money, supplies, and necessities to Ukraine, however, some feel the lack of military assistance is still causing harm to Ukraine. 

“The U.S should either greatly help the situation or stay out of it; the entire world is watching to see what we do,” Covino said. “The U.S could help by continuing to ban Russian goods to hurt their economy and supply more resources to Ukraine for citizens, troops, and those fleeing.” 

As Ukraine is fighting the war against Russia; we as citizens can provide food, hygiene, and education supplies. Additionally, other countries, such as Poland, may benefit from donated supplies as they receive an influx of Ukrainian refugees.

“You can always go on or donate to non-profit organizations that will help Ukrainian citizens,” freshman Isabella Patricio stated. 

If no help is offered to Ukraine, further attacks could be made on neighboring countries of Ukraine, which may start a third World War. 

“Russia could become more powerful and larger by capturing Ukraine,” freshman German Diaz noted. “Russia will be able to get closer to countries that are part of NATO.”

However, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) decided not to get involved militarily, because Ukraine is not a part of the organization. If  Russia were to attack countries belonging to NATO, then all 30 countries would fight back.

“It’s very important for the U.S to support Ukraine as much as possible without getting directly involved to prevent a third World War and bad things happening to other countries,” Diaz said. 

Helping Ukraine as much as we can during this war could save as many lives, homes, and tragedies.

“Every donation counts and can really help impact as well as improve their situation, allowing them to get access to more resources with the donations they receive,” Patricio said.