RHS Spring Musical Set to Open Mar. 31


Photo Courtesy of Mary-Rose Madon

Cast members of the spring musical, “Little Shop of Horrors” rehearse in preparation for opening night on Mar. 11. (From left to right, Luan Dos Santos, Bryan Ribiero, Cadence Flaherty, Shane Hawkins, Leire Fernandez Zubiaurre)

The spring Musical at RHS is approaching opening night Mar. 31.  This year RHS drama will perform the horror comedy musical Little Shop of Horrors, a story about a meek young man named Seymour struggling to keep the plant shop that he works at afloat. 

Throughout the story Seymour finds himself conspiring with a man-eating plant as he struggles to figure out what is right and wrong constantly battling with his morals. He is motivated by his love interest, Audrey, who is dating a sadistic dentist. A quartet of greek chorus style girls narrates as the story progresses. 

Originally the spring musical was supposed to be Your a Good Man Charlie Brown, the musical had been casted and was ready to rehearse. Towards the start of rehearsals, production received notice that they no longer had the production rights to perform Your a Good Man Charlie Brown. 

The production company had received another offer willing to pay more, and as a result RHS could no longer do this production and decided to move on to Little Shop of Horrors. 

 ¨We had to find another musical that was A available, B we could afford, and C had the same number of cast members with the same vocal ranges as Charlie Brown” explained spring musical producer and English teacher Dana Sato. “So that left us with maybe two plays to choose from, and Little Shop of Horrors was it.” 

Rehearsals for Little Shop of Horrors soon came to a halt when the county decided that all non-athletic extracurricular activities had to go virtual until mid January. Since then, non-athletics extracurriculars have returned to in-person, attempting to make up lost time in rehearsals before opening night.

Auditions for Your a Good man Charlie Brown were set in early December resulting in nine cast members. Production has also partnered with the music department and twenty crew members. 

Opening night for Little Shop of Horrors is set on Mar. 31 and will be followed by several additional performances. This unique musical really is one of a kind and the cast and crew are extremely excited for the audience to react.

 “There are few musicals I can think of that blend humor and horror like this, and I’m excited to see how the audience responds,” said Mary-Rose Madon, assistant director.