Last-Minute Local Dates to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Special Someone

February 14th is approaching and RHS couples are looking for the perfect place to spend their holiday. To aid you in your search, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of 7 places you should visit with your special someone this Valentine’s Day.

#1 – Muse Paintbar

Muse Paintbar is perfect for creative couples who love the artsy side of things. Located in Rio and  only 19 minutes from RHS, the paintbar is a party and a paint studio all in one.

Muse offers a selection of (non-alcoholic) drinks and food to enjoy while painting, and the instructors make painting easy and simple for everyone. Even if you have limited artistic talent, this could still be a date for you.

The paint bar is open for public classes, and they do accept walk-ins. While reservations are not needed, they are recommended as spots aren’t guaranteed. Each class ranges from $25 to $40 per person. The class does not include the drinks and food, so keep that in mind.

The paintbar is a romantic and fun date, with the added bonus of taking home a piece of art to remember an important day. They are open for classes on Valentines day, so check it out with your special someone.

#2 – Ice Skating

Ice skating is a classic date activity and is always full of memories. A perfect place to meet your ice skating needs is at the Rockville Town Center’s ice rink. Not only is it a fun experience, there are plenty of restaurants around for a bite to eat afterwards.

Per person, this date costs a total of $16: an $11 admission fee and a $5 skate rental. This price includes 80 minutes of skating time to enjoy. In order to skate, you must have a reservation which can be made up to 2 weeks in advance.

The Rockville Town Center ice rink is only a 9 minute drive from RHS. Its close location and cheap prices help make it a great Valentine’s Day date.

#3 – The Movies

Seeing a movie at The Regal Rockville Center is as always a great place to hang out with your date. Alongside the movie, you can also enjoy some arcade games.

With countless snacks and drinks, you’re sure to never go hungry at this theatre. Rockville Center also has numerous restaurant options if you’re opting for the dinner-and-a-movie classic.

Each ticket is around $14, making it similarly priced to other movie theaters in the area. Remember to bring some extra cash for popcorn. Movies coming this Valentine’s Day include “Marry Me” starring J. Lo, “Death on the Nile,” and “Blacklight.”

Regal Rockville Center is only 10 minutes away from RHS, making it a close and affordable location to have a great time.

#4 – Monster Mini Golf 

Located in Gaithersburg and 17 minutes from RHS, Monster Mini Golf is full of different fun activities for an adventurous date.

The golf course itself is inside and even glows in the dark. If you wear bright clothes you are bound to glow as well. The course is monster themed with moving and speaking parts helping the atmosphere come to life.

Not only does this location include a fun mini golf course, it also has a small arcade you can enjoy with your date. While the total price depends on your activities, it costs $12.50 for each person to mini golf. You don’t need a reservation, which makes this a great choice for last-minute dates.

This location is perfect for big and small groups to enjoy Valentine’s Day. It is an amazing place to spend a fun and memorable holiday with your date.

#5 – Escape Room 

The Game of Rooms in Rockville is an idea for a thrill-seeking couple. There are 3 different themed rooms to escape from, each with its own set of rules and difficulty level.

Once you have picked the room you wish to escape from, you must schedule the experience in advance. The minimum number of people per room is 3, but The Game of Rooms recommends 4 people; it’s perfect for a group of friends or a double date.

Prices begin at $120 per room for a group of 3 people and go up $10 with each person added to the experience. Making a reservation is easy. All you have to do is go to the website and select your time and room. Once that is done, pick the number of people in your group and pay.

The Game of Rooms is only a 12 minute trip from Rockville. So research their rooms, grab your friends and enjoy a Valentine’s Day with a challenge.

#6 – Bowling

Pinstripes is a lovely date location with a bowling alley and pizza restaurant in one. They also have bocce as an option if bowling does not match your interests.

Each lane can accommodate up to 8 people, which makes it a perfect option for larger groups to enjoy.

Prices range from $13 – $20 per person, depending on the time of day; earlier in the day is less expensive than if you go later on. The price covers shoe rentals and bowling for 1 hour.

Each lane also has a server to meet any food and drink needs, but the cost of food is not included in the bowling prices.

For an active date, head over to Pinstripes only a 13 minute drive from Rockville.

#7 – A Picnic

For a date, you can never go wrong with a picnic. Not only are picnics romantic, but they’re also affordable, making them a cute date idea any time of year. Make sure to check the weather a few days before you head out.

Food prices can be as expensive or cheap as you want. Order from a fine dining restaurant or a fast food chain, whichever your date would prefer. Throw in some Valentine’s Day chocolates for an even better time.

There are countless great locations in the Rockville area, including Rock Creek Park, and Rio Park, which are both great options for a romantic picnic. Grab a basket, a blanket and some food to transform any stretch of grass into a romantic date; it can even be in your own backyard.

With these date ideas, you’re sure to find the perfect place for Valentine’s Day with your special someone. These locations are sure to make it memorable for both you and your date. The nice outfit and the perfect gift, however, are all for you to decide.