Touchscreen BoxLights Provide Engaging Replacement for Promethean Boards


Camille Lockwood

Biology teacher Mr. Grandin uses the touch screen features of the new BoxLight in his classroom to help students visualize course content.

Promethean boards have been used by Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) for over 10 years, but in Nov. promethean boards were replaced with new, high-tech smart boards called BoxLights. 

BoxLights are structured to assist students in the classroom by increasing learning productivity The touch screen and freestanding features on the Box Lights allow for better function and interaction. 

With the sudden change in technology at RHS, students and staff have learned quickly to navigate through high-tech lessons. 

The first round of BoxLights were distributed to teachers in the middle of October.  Teachers were able to set up box lights before class to limit classroom disruptions.

RHS media service technichian, Steve Mirman, distributed the box lights to staff and offered them a brief tutorial on how to use them. Mirman additionally helped connect them to current computers and wifi  

The transition went smoothly, however grasping all the functions didn’t for some. 

“At first, I would say it was difficult to function on the boards, but now it’s easier,” math teacher Christopher Orlando said. 

Although some staff might’ve had difficulties adjusting, students are already in favor of the box lights and have noticed their benefits to their education. 

“The boxlights have helped me with my learning and allowed the board to be clearer,” freshman German Diaz said. “Since I wear glasses, the old prometheans were not as clear.”

Although the change was ultimately not necessary, students found that it was beneficial overall. 

“The change was not necessary, however I do think the change has been beneficial.” freshman Erin Kelly stated. “The BoxLights have improved my learning with the new features it includes, which helps me stay focused in classes and has made lessons more engaging.” 

BoxLights allow you to interact with the board through touch rather than pen, making it easier to prevent technical difficulties with calibration. The touch screen feature also allows more visual work, like annotations, to be done live for students. Despite all these benefits, some students still miss certain aspects about promethean boards. 

“Even though the BoxLights have improved my learning, I miss the promethean size,” Kelly said. 

 Both students and teachers have found that along with the new BoxLights came new lessons and learning strategies.

“With the BoxLights the lessons have flown better, and I am able to do more things in the classroom faster,” Orlando stated.