RHS Alumni Open Z&Z Restaurant


Chris Jarian

Z&Z offers a variety of flatbread options for everyone’s tastes.

On Sept. 23, Z&Z, a family-owned Palestinian Manoushe bakery, opened in Rokville. The restaurant, which was opened by two Rockville HS alumni, offers a unique opportunity to try a cuisine not often found in Montgomery County. 

In Montgomery County it is hard to find a Manoushe shop anywhere. Manoushe is a middle eastern flatbread topped with spice blends. If you’ve been looking to try something new, Z&Z is a superb place to start.  

Z&Z is located at 1111 Nelson St, Rockville, MD. At only a three mile drive from RHS, it is convenient for both students and staff to go and grab a quick bite. Although they are only open in the evenings during the week, they have full hours on weekends, and the fare makes it worth the trip. 

The owners, Johnny Dubbeneh and Danny Dubbeneh are Rockville HS alumni and were thrilled to be returning to their roots.

“It felt awesome to come back to our hometown and open up a business in this community,” Johnny Dubbeneh stated.

Despite it being their dream, Johnny and Danny did not always own a bakery. They started their business selling flat breads at a local farmers markets, inspired by their grandfather and uncle who came from the Middle East to America and sold an assortment of foods like fried chicken, steak, and cheese in Rockville for 20 years.

Johnny and Danny followed in their grandfather and uncle’s footprints, taking over the very space where the family’s restaurant used to be and putting their own middle eastern flare to it.

The new bakery serves a variety of unique Middle Eastern flatbreads; the most popular among customers being the Lahm Bi Ajeen. This flatbread includes a flavorful mix of local grass fed ground beef, tomatoes, onions, parsley and spices topped with sumac onions and lemon. Another favorite is a  special called Lebanese Bride, which is a hand-crafted savory labneh sprinkled with za’atar, tomatoes, cucumber, mint and drizzled with olive oil. The best part about their flatbreads is the hot,fresh taste, straight from the oven in the restaurant’s open kitchen.. 

Johnny Dubbeneh the owner of Z&Z recommends getting the Hot Halaby Honey, a three cheese blend topped with sujuk (a type of sausage), honey, and aleppo peppers. 

Z&Z plans to expand their menu to include breakfast sometime in Nov.

“I’m grateful to be in this position to give amazing taste in food to the people that walk in everytime,” said Johnny Dubbeneh.