Pep Rallies Return as Outdoor Celebrations Amid Covid-19 Protocols



Students in the class of 2022 cheer during the first pep rally of the year. Despite the new outdoor venue, the spirit of the event remained the same.

On Friday Sept. 3, 2021, Rockville High School led the first outdoor pep rally of the school year. Students were directed to class sections and were advised to cheer for their class.

The event started with the RHS marching band playing “Hats off to Thee”, Rockville’s school song.  

Students across grade levels participated in a water balloon toss aside principal Pyles. 

New senior Inferno leaders Elizabeth DiFonzo and Ahmad Haleem announced fall varsity sports teams to the student body. Fall sports teams crossed the track when announced by the Inferno leaders. 

After teams were announced, each class competed for the loudest student section, the class of 2022 was awarded the loudest section.

Finally, the varsity football team was announced and football coach Jason Lomax fired up the crowd with cheers and chants. 

The first game of the season was later that night, on Sept. 3rd at 6:30 p.m. The Rams took home the victory 43-6 against Kennedy.