18 & Under: The Burger Joint

Sarah D'Souza, Editor-in-Chief

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Going to The Burger Joint for the first time, I was hoping for a good burger, or at least an average one. But frankly, I have to say that I was underwhelmed.

Keeping it traditional, I ordered “The Burger.” For the standard and free toppings, I went with lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions. Then, I decided to treat myself and add avocado ($1.79), applewood bacon ($0.99) and cheddar cheese ($0.99) – which to my dismay was not included – totalling $10.75. Along with the burger, I ordered a side of regular fries ($2.99).

The total bill came to a hefty $14.58 with tax included, and I wish I could say it was worth every bite, but that was not the case.

I had high expectations after trying the crispy and delicious fries. However, I was downright disappointed after a few bites into the burger. I tried really hard not to jump to judgment, but after every bite, it became more clear that it was really nothing special.

“The Burger,” claimed to use the Joint’s “legendary formula cooked to order over an open flame.” But, while the dry and relatively tasteless burger was anything but legendary, there was no denying that it was cooked over an open flame, making it a little too burnt for my taste.

Overall, the burger did not taste bad per se, but the condiments could not make up for the fact that the meat itself was not up to par, not to mention the quality of the avocado was very questionable. My friend ordered a veggie burger with avocado and when she realized she did not receive it, she went back for it, and it became clear that the slices of avocado come pre-cut in a plastic seal. The veggie burger itself also just appeared to be brown rice crumbling at the seams.
If you do choose to go to the Burger Joint, I recommend foregoing the burger’s cooked over an open fire, and definitely going for the fries. All in all, I would rate the Burger Joint a moderate 6-7/10.

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18 & Under: The Burger Joint