Chance’s Colorful New Album


Take a chance and pick up Chancelor Bennett’s new album “Coloring Book.” Bennett, who is better known as Chance the Rapper or Chance, released his third album May 12.

The first track on the album “All We Got,” starts the album off on the right foot with an upbeat tune and nice lyrics. The song shows Chance’s love for god and his life singing the line, “I swear my life is perfect.” The song is similar to those on Kanye West’s album “Life of Pablo,” with many biblical allusions.

An earlier release “Angels” reached popularity at its release Oct. 24. The song is very fast showing off Chance’s rapping skills. The song is truly spiritual rising you up like an angel as you listen to it.

Another smooth song on the album is “Mixtape.” This track is very specific to Chance’s style featuring his distinctive voice and laid back tone. Also the beat has a relaxing vibe while also making one want move to the beat of the music.

A dance song on the album is “All Night.” The fast beat makes it a great dancing song. The song still features his distinctive voice, but in a much more upbeat tone and song.

A more relaxing song is “Smoke Break.” This track is very repetitive but the beat changes up throughout the song making up for the lack of differing lyrics.

On the slower side “Finish Line/ Drown,” has a groovy vibe. The beat makes it easy to dance to and the lyrics and background singers help to put your mind at ease and send one into a trance far far away from school.

Featuring the soothing voice of Justin Bieber and the musical skills of Towkio “Juke Jam” has a chill vibe. This song is Chance reminiscing about his past innocent relationships in almost a tribute to his ex girlfriends.

Probably one of the most popular songs on the album is “No Problem.” This track features the rapping skills of both Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz. The song is fast and repetitive with a quick and dance worthy beat in the back. The repetition in the chorus make the song easy to sing along with in the car or just with some friends.

Overall it is clear the album is titled “Coloring Book” because each song has enough color to fill a whole book. The entire album has a chill vibe full of transcending beats.