18 & Under: Customers Claim That Duck Donuts Are “Addictive as Quack”


Who knew a simple brown box with red writing could hold so much deliciousness? Duck Donuts, located on Rockville Pike, has a cute, family-friendly interior that compliments their warm, delectable donuts.

The store gives the authentic feel of a boardwalk shop at the beach, featuring light blue and bright magenta walls. The location proves to be a family-friendly environment, with small children pressing their faces up to the glass as they gaze at the fresh warm donuts being made and topped.

Organization is key when it comes to ordering. As you walk into the store you are presented with a pad of order forms, featuring a grid in which you can check off any frosting and topping combination you desire. This system moves the line at the register smoothly and quickly as all important order decisions are already made.

There are 11 different coating options including bare, cinnamon and sugar, powdered sugar, maple, glaze, vanilla, chocolate and peanut butter. To top off your donut, eaters can choose among coconut, chocolate or rainbow sprinkles, peanuts and bacon.

The bare donut can not have any of the extra toppings; but, it is still very delicious. The crispy outside of the donut perfectly complements the warm, fluffy inside. This donut has a nice sweetness and is delectable when dunked in a warm cup of Duck Donuts Coffee.

My personal favorite is the cinnamon and sugar donut. This donut cannot receive any extra toppings but has a perfect balance of cinnamon and sugar that sticks to the beautiful donut. Although peanut butter is the way to go for a creamy and not too dense frosting. The light peanut butter flavor goes great with chocolate sprinkles, giving it a flavor similar to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

A classic powdered donut can never go wrong. While Duck Donuts does this donut well, the sugar could have been more evenly distributed. The donut ended up half super powdered and the other half lacking the sweet powder.

The maple frosting was deliciously sweet with the perfect amount of sugary deliciousness that appeals to the Canadian side of me. This frosting is best topped with crunchy peanuts or crispy bacon for a good sweet and salty combination.

I did not enjoy the vanilla, the sugar overpowered the frosting making it overly sweet.. On the other hand, the chocolate was smooth and delicious. Topping it with coconut is a great flavor mix.
Overall the laid back beachy environment and delicious custom-made donuts makes Duck Donuts the best around.