Counseling Department Shifts Due To New Resource Counselor

As a result of the promotion of RHS counselor Alejandra Crawley this year, 150 students with last names starting with “R” and “S” have become the responsibility of counselor William Ramsey.

For the 2014-2015 school year, Crawley was promoted from a regular counselor to the resource counselor, meaning she is essentially the head of the department. She oversees other counselors, the registrar, the secretaries and head of the career center, Janet Harris.

“It’s a challenge because it’s new. It’s also very exciting because [the counseling department] works together in a new way,” Crawley said.

Crawley has been a counselor at RHS for three years in addition to her several years counseling at other schools. Coming from a school with 4,000 students to only 1,350 at RHS, Crawley said she enjoys the more personal relationships she gets to build with her students.

Unfortunately for students with last names starting with “R” or “S,” Crawley’s promotion may hurt them when it comes to college recommendations. Senior Sofy Scarano relied on her relationship with Crawley to get the college letter she needed.

“I was upset. It’s my senior year and all of a sudden my counselor changes right when I need a good recommendation,” Scarano said.

Crawley has made it clear that she is still open for questions from her past students, but Ramsey will be their official contact. Crawley has worked with Ramsey throughout the summer and school year to familiarize him with his new students so he can write sufficient college recommendations as well as provide accurate information and advice.

Scarano interns at Howard Hospital, meaning she does not spend as much time at school as other seniors. “Ms. Crawley knows me the best, so I’ve been trying to interact with my new counselor because I will need him this year,” Scarano said.

Ramsey made the request himself to acquire the additional students. It affects his position because, “I’m working more directly with the students,” Ramsey said. Ramsey was the resource counselor at Wootton HS for 5 years and then came to RHS as a normal counselor. He said he enjoys the student interaction.

Despite the frustration from students, the counseling department is still confident in Ramsey’s ability because he has been counseling for over 20 years.