NSHS Has Over 19 New Members For 2012-13


Photo by Andy Levine

Photo by Andy Levine Spanish teacher Madeline Rudman is the factulty advisor of NSHS
On May 21, the National Spanish Honor Society inducted 19 new members into their organization. In order to be a member of the NSHS, students must maintain an A average in Spanish class and have an overall GPA of 3.00 or higher. Also, students had to earn 100 points by attending meetings, tutoring and participating in club activities.The expectations for NSHS members are high. “The National Spanish Honor Society is an academic society. It is not for everyone but it is for students who are serious about Spanish and want to share it with others,” said Spanish teacher and NSHS sponsor Madeline Rudman.The RHS chapter of NSHS was established in 2008. The number of members being inducted grew substantially compared to last year. Only eight members were inducted last year. This year 19 members were inducted, more than doubling the amount of last year. The plans to continue to increase its numbers of members and to spread the Spanish culture.

Rushika Athia, senior president of the NSHS, has been involved with the society since her freshman year and became secretary of the club during her junior year. “It is a great deal of responsibility trying to ensure that NSHS helps make a positive impact on our community and members are enjoying their time in the club,” said Athia. Athia plans to major or minor in Spanish in college.

Being a member of the NSHS can be very beneficial. For students who love Spanish, they are able to share their passion with others who also enjoy Spanish. It can also help while applying for colleges since it is an academic society.

Rudman enjoys being the sponsor of this unique group. “It is nice to be around people who love Spanish as much as I do. We share the same passion,” said Rudman. She was a NSHS member in college and still spreads her love for Spanish.