Little to No Culture in Culture Festival


Break dancers from outside of RHS performed a series of acts at the RHS Culture Fest

Culture Fest is a night intended to celebrate the diversity of the school community, a night intended to acknowledge the different cultures present at RHS and a night to demonstrate various traditions around the world. However, CULTURE fest was actually not very cultural. It was more of a Talent Show in the eyes of the audience.

It was an entertaining night, no doubt, but it failed to represent the ethnic variety of the student body. There were some great performances proving the incredible talent at RHS, but it seemed as though only a certain group was being represented as they were the ones repetitively appearing on stage.

Break dancers from outside of RHS performed a series of acts at the RHS Culture Fest. -- Nora Martini

The POP culture: the break-dancers, the contemporary singers and all of the participants who performed an art of the modern society were the ones who dominated the night, leaving only a few of the acts that represented other cultures that were to perform.

Perhaps the biggest question of the night though was: why was the show stopped? At around 10 p.m., the participants of the second half were informed that the show was to be stopped and that several of the performances were cut-off.

This talent show lacked organization. If it would have been organized in the first place, performances would not have been cut; it seemed unfair that some groups performed more than once, that others performed for a prolonged period of time and that others did not even get to perform.